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Easy Homemade Energy Bars or Bites- Healthy Energy bars with Oats, Mixed Nuts, Dates and Flax Seeds

Homemade and healthy Energy bars or bites made with mixed nuts, dates and flax seeds… Making homemade healthy energy bars or bites couldn’t get any easier. These are super healthy and nutritious energy bars that can be enjoyed for breakfast and will help you to kick start your day in a healthy and energetic way. …

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Roasted Plantains layered with Apples and Coconut- Baked Roasted Plantains

Ghee roasted plantains are layered with egg, roasted apples and coconut and then baked; tasted delicious… I am a huge plantain lover, may be because I grew up in Kerala where plantains are abundantly available. And, we make so many different snacks using plantains. One of the famous evening snacks in Kerala is Pazhampori or …

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2 Ingredient Microwaved Palkova- Easiest Palkova with Condensed Milk- Easy Milk Fudge

With just 2 ingredients and zero cooking you’ll have heaven in your mouth, No kidding! As you all know I am always in search of easy, breezy recipes which gives amazing outcome. If I happen to meet such recipes I would never let go, will try in my kitchen no matter what. This is one …