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Cashew nuts Chicken Chicken Curry Instant Pot Recipes Pakistani Ramadan recipes Video

Rich Creamy White Chicken Curry | Pakistani Recipe | Instant Pot 30 Minutes

Rich, creamy & finger-licking delish white chicken curry… This is a popular Pakistani dish, made with very minimal ingredients yet tastes absolutely scrumptious. I cooked this in the Instant Pot & will be ready in just 30 minutes. Bone-in chicken has to be marinated in yogurt for at least an hour & then cooked along …

Cashew nuts Chicken Chicken Curry Coconut Milk Indian Instant Pot Recipes Ramadan recipes Video

Instant Pot Cashew Chicken Curry- Creamy & Delicious Curry

Rich, creamy & delectable Cashew chicken made in the Instant Pot… This cashew chicken can be served with basmati rice, jasmine rice, ghee rice, naan, or roti. I enjoyed the cashew chicken with aromatic ghee rice. Scroll down to view the cooking video for ghee rice. Ghee Rice Recipe, Click The Link Cooking Video Instant …

Cashew nuts Chicken Indian Instant Pot Recipes Ramadan recipes Video

Instant Pot 20 Minute Easy Chicken Rezala- Bengali Style Chicken Rezala

Chicken cooked in a delicious onion/cashew nut/poppy seeds/yogurt gravy; finger licking delish… Chicken Rezala is a popular Bengali dish that is similar to chicken korma. If you have poppy seeds, cashew nuts, onions, and yogurt; making this dish is a breeze. After sauteing the onion/poppy seed/cashew nut paste, chicken is cooked in the Instant pot …