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Pathiri- Rice roti, Malabar Speciality
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How To Make Thin Pathiri | Rice Roit | Kerala Malabar Recipe

Pathiri, popular in Malabar cuisine-served for both breakfast and dinner… Pathiri is a traditional roti that’s popular in Malabar cuisine. These days, it is found on the menu of most South Indian restaurants. The texture of the pathiri is light and thin that almost everyone finds it hard to resist, especially when served with spicy chicken/mutton/beef …

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Mango Vermicelli Payasam- Mango Payasam

Mango and vermicelli cooked in sweetened milk, delicious dessert… Hope everyone had a great Onam celebration. Onam is one of the biggest festivals in Kerala, India celebrated by all Keralites. Sadya, a grant vegetarian feast is served for Onam. Sadya comprises of many vegetarian dishes, so making Sadya is definitely time consuming. I was not …

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Pan Fried Chicken in Coconut Tamarind Sauce

Chicken seasoned with aromatic spices, pan fried and cooked in a rich and delicious coconut tamarind sauce, absolutely divine… I’ve been obsessed with someone lately, guess who??? If you guessed-my Man then you got it wrong. What I’ve towards my Man is beyond obsession, and I lack words to explain that feeling so let’s leave that …

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Ground Beef Kinnapathiri – Steamed Rice Batter and Beef Layered Pathiri

Rice batter and beef masala layered and steam cooked, it’s like a delicious rice and beef cake… After seeing my Chatti pathiri recipe, many of my readers asked me to share the recipe for making Kinnapathiri. Kinnapathiri is yet another Malabar specialty dish, in which rice batter is used to make the pathiri or pancake. …