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Easy Semiya-Vermicelli Payasam- Kerala Payasam- Instant Pot Kerala Sadya Recipes

Semiya or vermicelli payasam made in the Instant pot… This is a Kerala special payasam or dessert made with vermicelli, milk, and condensed milk. Easy to make yet tastes delicious. This is served as one of the sweet dishes in Sadya. Instant Pot Semiya-Vemicelli Payasam- Kerala payasam- Instant Pot Kerala Sadya Recipes   Print Prep …

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Dates Payasam- Dates Vermicelli in Sweetened Milk

  Dates and vermicelli cooked in sweetened milk…delicious dessert. This is one of the easiest and healthiest dessert made with dates. Dates impart the required sweetness, hence less condensed milk is added. The caramelized flavor of the dates and the roasted vermicelli makes this a splendid dessert. Best part is that this can be made …