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Beetroot Leaves Pulissery- Cooked With Coconut & Yogurt, Kerala Recipe

Beet leaves turned into a delicious pulissery… Pulissery is a popular Kerala-style vegetarian dish, a variety of veggies & fruits can be used for making pulissery & cooked with ground coconut & yogurt. Vegetables like beetroot, cucumber, pumpkin, okra & fruits like plantain, pineapple, apple, and mango can be turned into pulissery. Pulissery is also …

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Easy Tomato Pulissery Recipe – Tomato in Coconut and Yogurt Gravy

Tomatoes cooked in coconut and yogurt gravy, simple and comforting Kerala veggie dish… I’d already posted the recipes for making 4 types of pulissery: Pumpkin, Cucumber, Mango and Pineapple. Now, it’s obvious that pulissery can be made with so many ingredients. My most favorite among these is Mango pulissery, the sweetness from the ripe mangoes …

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Easy Pineapple Pulissery | Pineapple cooked in Coconut and Yogurt Gravy | Kerala Sadya Recipe

Pineapple, yogurt and coconut in harmony… This is one of the side dishes served with Sadya. There are a few other pulisseries as well like beetroot, cucumber and ripe mango. The preparation for all these are almost the same, only the main ingredient changes. My favorite among these is mango pulissery and my second favorite …