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Best Tasting Instant Pot 30 Minute Mughlai Murgh Musallam | Whole Chicken Recipe

Mughlai Whole chicken cooked in the Instant Pot, pressure cooked for just 15 minutes… Murgh Musallam is a popular Mughlai dish, whole chicken cooked in ground almond and poppy seeds gravy. Saffron is added to the gravy, makes this dish extremely scrumptious.  This is a rich, flavorful and delicious whole chicken recipe. In the Instant …

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How to Make Restaurant Style Indian Chicken Tikka Masala- Best Recipe

Chicken Tikka Masala, a popular Indian dish that’s found on the menu of Indian restaurants… In North America, two popular Indian dishes that are served in almost all Indian restaurants are butter chicken and chicken tikka masala. I’ve already posted the recipe for making Butter chicken and the recipe for making shrimp tikka masala. Blogging about the …