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Chocolate Chip Waffles Recipe | Crispy & Delicious Homemade

Chocolate waffles are a delicious variation of traditional waffles that incorporate cocoa powder, melted chocolate, or simply add chocolate chips into the batter, resulting in a rich and indulgent treat. They are a popular choice for breakfast or brunch, as well as a delightful dessert option. To make chocolate waffles, the batter typically includes ingredients …

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Apple and Maple Syrup Danish – Puff pastry Danish

Crispy and delicious Danish: My new obsession… Lately, I’ve been obsessed with danish pastry and have been trying danish with different flavors and stuffings in it. One of my favorite stuffings is apple and maple syrup, of course sprinkled with lots of ground cinnamon. I’d been wanting to make danish for so long and thought …