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Best Tasting Instant Pot 30 Minute Mughlai Murgh Musallam | Whole Chicken Recipe

Mughlai Whole chicken cooked in the Instant Pot, pressure cooked for just 15 minutes… Murgh Musallam is a popular Mughlai dish, whole chicken cooked in ground almond and poppy seeds gravy. Saffron is added to the gravy, makes this dish extremely scrumptious.  This is a rich, flavorful and delicious whole chicken recipe. In the Instant …

Almond Chicken Curry Mughlai North Indian Saffron

Mughlai Chicken or Chicken Rezala – Chicken in Onion Almond Saffron Sauce

Chicken simmered in onion-almond paste and flavored up with saffron, so rich and amazingly delicious… Mughlai cuisine is one of my favorite cuisines: the mesmerizing aroma, the tantalizing flavors and the exquisite dishes, it’s irresistible and I go wild. Most of the North Indian dishes fall into this category, Mughlai cuisine is influenced by the …