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Instant Pot Italian Wedding Soup – 3 Minute Dump & Go Recipe

For a touch of Italy, let’s make Italian wedding soup in the Instant Pot, this is a comforting and flavorful dish that effortlessly combines the rustic charm of Italian cuisine with the convenience of modern cooking technology. This soup, known for its heartiness and robust flavors, is a delightful medley of tender meatballs, vibrant green …

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5 Ingredient Easy Curried Pumpkin Soup | Instant Pot Recipe

Rich, creamy & delicious pumpkin soup made in the Instant Pot with just 5 ingredients… This is a perfect soup for Thanksgiving. Curry powder is added to flavor up the soup & coconut milk imparts a nutty taste. Comforting & delicious soup to enjoy on any day. Cooking Video 5 Ingredient Easy Curried Pumpkin Soup …

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Instant Pot Roasted Tomatoes & Red lentil Soup | 20 Minute Easy Recipe

Comforting & delicious soup… Easy to make & satisfying soup made in the Instant Pot, ready in just 20 minutes. Fresh tomatoes from my veggie garden turned into this soup. Roasted tomatoes are great for making soups, along with red lentil it will be a hearty soup packed with natural flavors. Cooking Video Instant Pot …