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Appetizer Chicken Gluten Free Indian Kerala Kid's Corner Snacks Thas's Faves Video

Chicken Pakora or Pakoda Recipe | Crunchy Chicken Pakoras (Gluten Free)

Rain+crunchy chicken pakoras= cozy deliciousness… Wow, it’s Friday evening and I feel so awesome as I’ve started reading the much awaited “And the mountains Echoed” by one of my favorite writers Khaled Hosseini. I’d been waiting for this book ever since I came to know that Khaled Hosseini’s third novel is coming out on May. …

Basmati Rice Biryani Chicken Chicken Biryani Eid Biryani Featured Indian Kerala Main Dish Rice Video

Best Tasting Fried Chicken Biryani- Better than Restaurant Chicken Biryani

A biryani made on a not-so-special-day which turned the day into a special one… Biryani and special occasions are inseparable, at least in my home. If there is any special occasion, you are guaranteed to get a plate of biryani from my kitchen. The aroma of the biryani spreads in such a way that forces …