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Homemade Best Herbal Coffee or Chukku Kaapi | Home Remedy For Cold, Sinus & Head Ache | Instant Relief

This herbal coffee is a great home remedy for cold, headache, sinus congestion & when feeling down; will instantly open up your senses and makes you feel better… If I have a cup of this homemade herbal coffee, I would shy away from any other branded coffee in the market. I have been feeling dizzy …

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Teppanyaki at Benihana

One style of cooking that always puts me into amusement is Teppanyaki. My first Teppanyaki experience was at Tanaka of Tokyo restaurant in Oahu, Hawaii. We just randomly picked this restaurant and at that time we were totally ignorant about teppanyaki. At first,  I thought teppanyaki was some kind of Japanese name for some dish …

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Unnakaya or Stuffed Fried Plantain With Sweet Coconut Filling | Popular Malabar Snack

It’s crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and tastes absolutely delicious… If you ask me what is my favorite evening snack- without any doubt, I would say “Unnakaya”. This evening snack is very common and popular in my family. This is also a famous snack in Malabar cuisine, which is made with plantain. …