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Kerala Payasam Recipes- Easy Payasam Recipes


Kerala’s very own sweet dishes…

Here is a collection of Payasams that I’ve made over the years. Payasams are essentially sweetened milk cooked along with vermicelli, ripe fruits, dried fruits, nuts etc. Vermicelli or Semiya payasam is the most popular; a must have along with Kerala Sadya. I’ve also made payasams with dates, ripe mangoes, aval or flattened rice flakes, oats and nuts, carrot, tapioca pearls or sabudana etc.

Payasams are easy to make, I add sweetened condensed milk to sweeten up the milk. Jaggery or palm sugar can also be added. Payasam turns out rich and creamy with condensed milk.

Kerala desserts that can be made effortlessly…


Mango Vermicelli Payasam- Mango Payasam

Aval Payasam – Rice Flakes in Sweetened Milk

Oats and Dried Nuts Payasam – Oats in Sweetened Milk

Carrot Payasam or Carrot in Sweetened Milk – Gluten Free

Tapioca Pearl Payasam or Sabudana Payasam (Gluten Free Dessert)


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