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Tapioca Pearl Payasam or Sabudana Payasam (Gluten Free Dessert)

If you love tapioca pearls you are going to love this… What a fantastic day it was!!! This evening we attended a Mediterranean cooking class/contest at the best Mediterranean restaurant in my city: Aroma’s. Last year, I had once dined at Aroma’s; the ambience, the food, the crew, everything is so great and it’s one of my …

Breakfast Coconut Milk Desserts Indian Kerala Payasam Plantain Saffron Vegetarian

Plantain in Sweetened Coconut Milk | Easy Kerala Recipe

The richness of coconut milk and the sweetness of ripe plantain= Yummy… I hail from the land of coconuts and plantains. This explains why I have so many recipes that call for plantain and coconut. They both make a remarkable combination and make any dish taste delicious. In Kerala, this particular dish is served mostly …