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Best Indian Sweets and Snacks- Easy to Make Sweets

Diwali Recipes

Happy Diwali! Here is a collection of sweets and snacks you can make in your kitchen effortlessly…

Double Ka Meetha Recipe- Easy Sweet Bread Recipe

Instant Bread Gulab Jamun- Easy Bread Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun Recipe- Made with Khoya/Mawa

Easy Oats Ladoo or Oats and Walnuts Rolls

Oats and Walnuts Rolls

Oats Dates and Walnuts Rolls- Healthy Oats Rolls

oats-dates rolls

Boondi Ladoo Recipe – Laddu or Ladoo Recipe

boondi ladoo


Easy Microwave Barfi Recipe- Khoya- Mawa Barfi Recipe

khoya-mawa barfi

Maladu Recipe – Split Dalia Ladoo (Roasted Gram Ladoo)


Rava Laddu or Semolina Laddu – Semolina Rolls

rava laddus

Jangiri Recipe – South Indian Sweet- Guest Post



Coconut Burfi or Sweetened Coconut Rolls

coconut burfi

Coconut Almond Burfi

Semolina Halwa (Sooji Halwa) or Rava Kesari

Semolina halwa

Easy Jalebi Recipe – Indian Sweet


Balushahi or Badushah- Famous Indian Sweet


Mysore Pak – Delicious Indian Sweet

Mysore Pak

Palgova with Nuts

palgova with nuts

Carrot Halwa Recipe

Carrot Halwa

Sweet Boli or Pooran Poli – Dessert served with Sadya


Squash Halwa- Easy Diwali Sweet Recipe

squash halwa

Besan Khoya Burfi- Gram Flour Sweet

Beetroot Burfi- Indian Sweet

Murukku- Crunchy Snacks

Beetroot Murukku – South Indian Crunchy Snack

Murukku – Crispy South Indian Snack (Gluten Free)

Rice and Gram Flour (Besan) Murukku


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