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Potato Spinach Curry Vegetarian Dish | Aloo Palak Indian Recipe – Instant Pot

Delicious potato spinach curry cooked in the Instant Pot… Aloo palak is a popular Indian dish made with spinach and potatoes. “Aloo” means potato in Hindi, and “palak” means spinach. The dish is usually prepared by cooking potatoes and spinach together with a blend of spices and seasonings. I’m sharing the Instant Pot version, this …

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15 Minute Instant Pot Spinach Chicken | Super Easy Indian Recipe

Super easy & delicious spinach chicken ready in just 15 minutes in the Instant Pot… This is totally my kind of recipe, easy to make & tastes incredible. Pureed spinach will impart a vibrant green color to this curry, and the fresh cream will make it rich & creamy. Can be served with rice, pasta, …

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Instant Pot 5 Minute Red Lentil Spinach Mushroom Curry | Dump & Go Recipe

Healthy Vegetarian dish cooked in the Instant Pot… In just 10 minutes, delicious & healthy vegetarian curry can be made in the Instant Pot. This curry is packed with nutrients & all goodness. Can be enjoyed as a soup or as a curry with rice or roti. Cooking Video Instant Pot 5 Minute Red Lentil …