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Stuffed Whole Plantain – Pazham Nirachathu- Malabar Snack- Healthy Recipe

I stuffed the whole plantain and pan-fried it, felt so glad to have followed my mom’s idea… When I look at vegetables or meat, I ponder for a second if I could stuff something into it. Oh yeah… I love to make stuffed food. Until now, I’ve successfully stuffed collard greens, red peppers, zucchini, banana …

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Irachi Pola | 3 Layered Savoury Bread Beef Egg Cake | Popular Malabar Recipe

Rich & delicious savory cake with bread, beef & eggs… This is a popular Malabar recipe. The beef filling can be replaced with chicken or mutton/lamb. This will make a great dish for Eid & special occasions. Cooking Video   Irachi Pola | 3 Layered Savoury Bread Beef Egg Cake | Popular Malabar Recipe   …

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Shrimp Stuffed Chatti Pathiri- Layered Crepes Stuffed with Shrimp or Prawns- Malabar Lasagna

Chatti Pathiri or layered crepes stuffed with shrimp masala… This is a Malabar specialty dish that’s enjoyed by everyone. In my family, this is made quite often especially during Ramadan. Chicken stuffed chatti pathiri is the most popular one. I’ve already posted the recipe on my blog & cooking video on my YouTube channel, check …

Pathiri- Rice roti, Malabar Speciality
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How To Make Thin Pathiri | Rice Roit | Kerala Malabar Recipe

Pathiri, popular in Malabar cuisine-served for both breakfast and dinner… Pathiri is a traditional roti that’s popular in Malabar cuisine. These days, it is found on the menu of most South Indian restaurants. The texture of the pathiri is light and thin that almost everyone finds it hard to resist, especially when served with spicy chicken/mutton/beef …