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Easy & Delicious Omelette Korma Curry- Omelette in Coconut Gravy

Bite-size pieces of Omelette when added to a creamy and rich coconut gravy, turned into an incredibly delicious dish… I’d thought why would someone slice a nice looking omelette into bite-size pieces and turn into a curry??? Now, I know the reason: because it tastes delicious. If you are tired of having omelette and looking …

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Fish Korma – Fish in Creamy Coconut and Tomato Gravy

Shallow fried fish submerged in creamy coconut and tomato gravy, absolutely delicious… Every time I cook with fish, I try to make it differently. I’ve already shared the recipe for making so many different kind of fish curries. Fish is a staple food for non-vegetarians in Kerala. My family being a hard core non-vegetarians, either …