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Basmati Rice Biryani Chicken Clay Pot Recipes Indian Kerala Video

Best Clay Pot Chicken Biryani Recipe | Traditional Matka Biryani | Cooking In Clay Pot

Delicious chicken biryani cooked in a claypan… Clay Pot cooking is a traditional style of cooking. In South India, clay pots are widely available & are used for cooking on a daily basis. Some of the benefits of clay pot cooking are food tastes better, no chemical leaching into the food, retains the nutritive value …

Airfryer Recipes Basmati Rice Biryani Chicken Chicken Biryani Clay Pot Recipes Eid Biryani Indian Kerala Popular Video

How to Make Clay Pot Chicken Dum Biryani | Air fried Chicken | Instant Pot Ghee Rice | Best Indian Recipe

Chicken biryani dum cooked in a clay pot… For Eid, I made this exciting chicken biryani that was dum cooked in a clay pot. I enjoy clay pot cooking, it’s a traditional & popular way of cooking in South India & Srilanka. The food cooked in the clay pot has a unique flavor & aroma …

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Instant Pot Fish Korma- Fish Cooked with Coconut Milk- Salmon Korma

Delicious and rich Fish Korma or fish cooked in coconut milk, made in the Instant Pot… For making this, first I’ve pan-fried the fish in saute setting. After that, cooked onions, tomatoes and added the pan-fried fish to it; finally added coconut milk. This is a delicious dish that can be served along with rice, …