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Coconut Drumstick Drumsticks Vegetable Indian Kerala Kerala Thoran Sides

Drumstick Thoran – Moringa and Coconut Stir Fry, Kerala Vegetarian Side Dish

Moringa or drumstick along with coconut when stir-fried tastes delicious and is a healthy side dish… When we hear drumstick , the first thing that comes to our mind is Chicken drumstick or legs. Well, this is not that, this drumstick is vegetarian and is a long rod-shaped veggie that is found hanging on drumstick …

Drumstick Drumsticks Vegetable Healthy Recipes High Protein/Low Carb Indian Kerala Vegetarian

Drumstick Leaves and Lentil Stir Fry -Moringa Stir Fry

A vegetarian dish packed with all kinds of good nutrients and vitamins… Drumstick tree or Moringa Oleifera is a common tree in South India. The drumstick, the leaves and the flowers all have phenomenal health benefits. The leaves are considered as medicinal herb, packed with almost all good things. There is a huge tree in …

Coconut Curry Drumstick Drumsticks Vegetable Healthy Recipes Indian Kerala Vegetarian

Drumstick Coconut Curry or Muringakka Thenga ozhichu kootan

A simple vegetarian curry… At my parent’s there is a huge drumstick tree which stands tall at the front yard, they make a lot of drumsticks year round. Last time, when I’d visited my parent’s, my mom had made many dishes with drumstick. I am not talking about chicken drumstick, this is vegetarian drumstick which …