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Instant Pot Perfect Roast Chicken | Easy Recipe | Pressure Cooked & Air Fried

Perfect roast chicken cooked in the Instant Pot… Whole chicken marinated with simple spices & fresh herbs, pressure cooked, and then air fried. Pressure cooking has made the chicken juicy & moist, while air frying imparted a nice golden color & the outside turned crispy. This will make an awesome centerpiece for any party. Pour …

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Instant Pot Whole Chicken Biryani- Instant Pot Biryani Recipe

Whole chicken biryani made in the Instant Pot; incredibly delicious… Made this delicious whole chicken biryani for my Man’s birthday. After owning an Instant Pot, I always make biryani in the Instant Pot. After cooking the chicken and masala, basmati rice is cooked in the chicken stock; this will make the rice taste extremely flavorful. …

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Whole Chicken Biryani – Thas’s Signature Biryani Recipe

I hereby declare that “this is the best biryani I’ve ever tasted“… Yeah, I am bragging! I usually find faults after tasting most of my dishes, even after being approved by the panel of judges. I would always be left with the feeling that I could have done better. But this time, after tasting this …