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Shrimp & Potato Stew Cooked In Coconut Milk – Kerala Curry Recipe

Aromatic & delicious shrimp potato stew, Kerala style… One of the curry-based dishes that I enjoy the most is this stew, a popular dish in Kerala usually made with potatoes. I’ve also added shrimp along with potatoes, which turned out fabulous. I crushed the ginger-garlic-cardamom-green chilies using a mortar & pestle and sauteed them in …

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Kerala Pothichoru – Kerala Meal Wrapped In Banana Leaf, Vazhayila

Kerala Pothichoru refers to a traditional meal pack in Kerala, India. It’s a complete meal usually packed in banana leaves, comprising various dishes like rice, curries, side dishes, and pickles. The term “Pothichoru” roughly translates to “meal in a small package.” This meal typically includes boiled rice accompanied by thoran (stir-fried vegetables with grated coconut), …