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Ground Beef Kinnapathiri – Steamed Rice Batter and Beef Layered Pathiri

Rice batter and beef masala layered and steam cooked, it’s like a delicious rice and beef cake… After seeing my Chatti pathiri recipe, many of my readers asked me to share the recipe for making Kinnapathiri. Kinnapathiri is yet another Malabar specialty dish, in which rice batter is used to make the pathiri or pancake. …

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Chatti Pathiri or Layered Crepes and Chicken made in a pan – Malabar Speciality

  Yet another favorite Malabar dish… Hope everyone had a wonderful Eid celebration. We had a double celebration, Eid and my hubby’s birthday with our dear friends. I had spent most of the time in the kitchen over the weekend. Last Saturday, I was busy making my first fondant cake for my hubby’s birthday. I …

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Chicken Ney Orotti or Fried Chicken Rice Roti (Gluten Free)

Why does frying make everything so delicious??? I had already posted the recipe for making Orotti or rice roti, one of the famous rotis in Malabar cuisine. This is very popular in my family as well. Orotti along with chicken/mutton or fish curry tastes extremely delicious. There is another variation of orortti which is called …