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Super Easy Baklava Recipe | Phyllo Pastry Dessert | With Sugar Honey Syrup

Baklava, a popular Middle Eastern & Mediterranean pastry dessert… It’s basically layered phyllo dough smeared with butter, topped with chopped nuts & soaked in sugar syrup. With store-bought phyllo dough, making baklava is super easy. It’s a heavenly decadent flaky & crispy dessert. I made the baklava in an 8-inch square pan, this yielded 12 …

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Apple and Maple Syrup Danish – Puff pastry Danish

Crispy and delicious Danish: My new obsession… Lately, I’ve been obsessed with danish pastry and have been trying danish with different flavors and stuffings in it. One of my favorite stuffings is apple and maple syrup, of course sprinkled with lots of ground cinnamon. I’d been wanting to make danish for so long and thought …