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How To Make Sadya Or Kerala’s Flavorful Veggie Palette | Kerala Onam Sadya Recipes | 31 Vegetarian Dishes

  Sadya is not the name of one dish, it’s a grant feast involving many vegetarian dishes served on a banana leaf. It is the popular vegetarian meal of Kerala served during festivals and special occasions. Having born and brought up in Kerala aka God’s Own Country, I had the opportunity to taste most of …

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Unnakaya or Stuffed Fried Plantain With Sweet Coconut Filling | Popular Malabar Snack

It’s crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and tastes absolutely delicious… If you ask me what is my favorite evening snack- without any doubt, I would say “Unnakaya”. This evening snack is very common and popular in my family. This is also a famous snack in Malabar cuisine, which is made with plantain. …