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Basmati Rice Biryani Chicken Indian Popular Video

Fried Chicken Biryani- South Indian Style- Best Tasting Recipe

South Indian style fried chicken biryani… Finger-licking delicious & aromatic chicken biryani with fried chicken in it. This is a South Indian style biryani & one of my favorite biryani recipes. Making this biryani involves 5 steps: fry the marinated chicken, cook the basmati rice, make the chicken masala, layer the chicken masala-rice & dum …

Basmati Rice Biryani Chicken Clay Pot Recipes Indian Kerala Video

Best Clay Pot Chicken Biryani Recipe | Traditional Matka Biryani | Cooking In Clay Pot

Delicious chicken biryani cooked in a claypan… Clay Pot cooking is a traditional style of cooking. In South India, clay pots are widely available & are used for cooking on a daily basis. Some of the benefits of clay pot cooking are food tastes better, no chemical leaching into the food, retains the nutritive value …

Basmati Rice Biryani Chicken Chicken Biryani Eid Biryani Eid Recipes Indian Instant Pot Recipes Popular Video

Whole Chicken Ghee Rice Biryani | Show Stopper Biryani | Instant Pot Recipe

Show-stopping & delicious whole chicken ghee rice biryani… If you’re looking for that special biryani you want to make for any special occasion or to treat your loved ones, this is the biryani you must try. Absolutely delectable & a crowd-pleaser. The perfectly marinated whole chicken was air-fried and combined with the onion-tomato masala. I’ve …