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Crispy Fried Tuna Balls

Fried Tuna Rolls

Crispy and crunchy fried tuna balls, perfect appetizer…

This is an easy to make appetizer with tuna. Canned tuna is combined with onion, potatoes and seasonings, made into balls and first dipped in corn starch mix and then coated with bread crumbs and fried till golden and crispy. Absolutely delicious.

Fried-Tuna balls

Cooking Video

Crispy Fried Tuna Balls
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Appetiser
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 12
For mixing with Tuna
  • Canned Tuna- 1 Can (or use any kind of fish)
  • Chopped Onion- 1
  • Chopped Green onion- 1 stalk
  • Ginger grated- 1 inch slice
  • Garlic grated- 1 clove
  • Chili powder- ¾ tsp
  • Garam masala- ½ tsp
  • Coriander powder- 1½ tsp
  • Salt- ¼ tsp
  • Cilantro, chopped- 2 handfuls
  • Potatoes, cooked- 2
Other Ingredients
  • Corn starch- 2 tbsp combine with ¼ cup water
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Oil- enough for deep frying
  1. In a bowl, combine well all the above mentioned ingredients 'for mixing with tuna'.
  2. Make small balls out of the mixture.
  3. In a small bowl, combine corn starch and water well.
  4. Have breadcrumbs ready on a plate.
  5. First dip the tuna balls in corn starch mix and then coat with bread crumbs.
  6. Repeat with all tuna balls. Let rest for 2 minutes.
  7. Place a frying pan over medium heat, let turn hot.
  8. Add enough oil for frying, let oil turn hot.
  9. Add the balls without crowding.
  10. Fry till balls turn golden and crispy.
  11. Transfer to a plate lined with paper towel.
  12. If you prefer you could insert tooth pick or small skewer into each fried ball.
  13. Serve while the tuna balls are hot along with your favorite dipping sauce.
You could replace tuna with ground chicken or beef as well.




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