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Instant Pot Ground Beef | 2 Quick Fix Meals | Air Fried Tortilla Wrap | Grilled Sandwich

Ground beef cooked in the Instant Pot turned into 2 delicious dishes… Quick-fix meals with the ground beef cooked in the Instant Pot- tortilla wrap & sandwich. These are my favorite dishes that I make quite often. Ground beef can be cooked ahead of time & stored in the refrigerator or in the freezer. When …

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Indian Chicken Quesadilla- Instant Pot Chicken Stuffing

Indian style chicken quesadilla, chicken stuffing made in the Instant Pot… Quesadilla is a popular Mexican dish, it’s basically stuffed tortillas. In this recipe, I have pressure cooked the chicken in the Instant Pot. Used aromatic Indian spices to season the chicken and for making the chicken stuffing. Chicken stuffing is placed between the tortillas, …