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Biryani Chicken Healthy Recipes Indian Kerala Main Dish Tapioca

Kerala Kappa or Tapioca Biryani With Chicken | Perfect One Pot Meal, Delicious

  Delicious one-pot meal, with kappa-tapioca & chicken… Kerala-style Kappa (tapioca) and chicken biryani is a unique and delicious dish that combines the starchy goodness of tapioca with the flavors of chicken biryani, a popular dish in Kerala. Kerala being a tropical place, tapioca is found in abundance and is one of the staple foods …

Chicken Chicken Curry Healthy Recipes Indonesian Instant Pot Dump & Go

Instant Pot Indonesian Curry Chicken- Kary Ayam | 10 Minute Dump & Go Recipe

Aromatic & delicious curry chicken… “Kari Ayam” is a popular Indonesian chicken curry dish. It is known for its rich and aromatic flavors, combining Indonesian spices with coconut milk. This was the first time I’ve tried an Indonesian dish in the Instant Pot. I improvised the recipe & made it dump & go. I was …

Chicken Kerala

Kerala Thattukada Chicken Fry Recipe

A “Thattukada” is a traditional roadside eatery or food stall in the southern Indian state of Kerala. These charming and often unassuming establishments have a special place in Kerala’s culinary culture and are beloved for their delicious, affordable, and authentic local dishes. Thattukadas offer a diverse menu, ranging from breakfast items like dosa, appam, and …