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Tapioca Chicken Biryani Cooked With Ground Coconut – Delicious One-Pot Meal Recipe

Tapioca, chicken & ground coconut cooked together, a delicious one-pot meal… One of the staple root vegetables in Kerala is tapioca, a variety of dishes can be prepared with it. I love making one-pot meals with it, combining the cooked tapioca with shrimp, chicken, beef, etc- this is like tapioca biryani without the rice. I’ve …

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Kerala Pothichoru – Kerala Meal Wrapped In Banana Leaf, Vazhayila

Kerala Pothichoru refers to a traditional meal pack in Kerala, India. It’s a complete meal usually packed in banana leaves, comprising various dishes like rice, curries, side dishes, and pickles. The term “Pothichoru” roughly translates to “meal in a small package.” This meal typically includes boiled rice accompanied by thoran (stir-fried vegetables with grated coconut), …