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Biryani Chicken Healthy Recipes Indian Kerala Main Dish Tapioca

Kerala Kappa or Tapioca Biryani With Chicken | Perfect One Pot Meal, Delicious

  Delicious one-pot meal, with kappa-tapioca & chicken… Kerala-style Kappa (tapioca) and chicken biryani is a unique and delicious dish that combines the starchy goodness of tapioca with the flavors of chicken biryani, a popular dish in Kerala. Kerala being a tropical place, tapioca is found in abundance and is one of the staple foods …

Breakfast Healthy Recipes Indian Kerala Moong dal Vegetarian

Soft Fluffy Moong Bean & Urad Dal Idlis – Healthy & Diabetic Friendly Recipe

Fluffy & soft idlis that are tasty & healthy… South Indian cuisine is renowned for its delightful array of vegetarian dishes that tickle the taste buds and nourish the soul. Among these, idli holds a special place. Idlis are steamed, spongy rice cake that is not only a breakfast favorite but is cherished across the …