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Moong Dal Sambar With Special Homemade Sambar Masala | Instant Pot Recipe

Sambar is a quintessential South Indian curry that’s both flavorful and versatile. It’s one of the most popular & loved vegetarian curries made with lentils, vegetables, tamarind, and a unique blend of spices. Over the years, I’ve tried a few variations of sambar. Traditional sambar is made with toor dal & there are vegetables exclusively …

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15 Minute Instant Pot Mixed Vegetable Pulao With Coconut Milk – Aromatic & Delicious

15-minute Instant pot mixed vegetable pulao with Coconut milk is a quick and delicious one-pot meal that combines basmati rice, a variety of vegetables, and the creamy goodness of coconut milk. This dish is not only flavorful but also a great option for vegetarians and vegans. For making this I’ve used sella basmati rice. Sella …

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10 Minute Instant Pot Mixed Vegetable Pulao- Aromatic & Delicious, Best & Easy Indian Recipe

Indulge in a culinary adventure with this 10-Minute Instant Pot Mixed Vegetable Pulao, where every bite is a burst of flavors and aromas that will transport you to a world of deliciousness. This dish is the perfect harmony of convenience, taste, and nutrition, making it an ideal choice for busy weeknight dinners or last-minute gatherings. …