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Shrimp or Prawns Chakkoli – Shrimp and Rice Dumplings in Coconut Gravy | South Indian Recipe

My Grandma’s specialty dish, one dish that I crave often and enjoy to the core… Chakkoli is a popular dish in my mom’s hometown Thrivuvithamcode in TamilNadu. I had already posted the recipe for making Chicken Chakkoli, in which chicken is added along with the rice dumplings and then cooked with the coconut gravy. However, …

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Jaggery Kinnathappam- Baked and Gluten Free

Kinnathappam with a twist, jaggery or brown cane sugar is added instead of granulated sugar… Remember my kinnathappam post? If you haven’t read that post yet, here you go. Kinnathappam is my mom’s speciality dessert, I continue to brag that my mom stillĀ prevailsĀ as the “queen of kinnathappam making”. It’s a South Indian delicacy, mostly homemade …

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Murukku – Crispy South Indian Snack (Gluten Free)

Crispiness, crunchiness and yumminess… Murukku is a popular snack in South India. This snack always came along with my grandma when she visited us. Without a doubt, grandmas fried murukku tastes delicious. This is also available at almost all snack stores in South India, however home made murukku tastes better than the store bought ones. …

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Chickpea Curry or Kadala Curry – Kerala Style Recipe

A popular vegetarian delicacy in Kerala cuisine… Ask any Keralite about Puttu and Kadala curry and they would instantly go Mmmmm. One of the most common and delicious breakfast dishes in Kerala is Puttu and Kadala or Chickpea curry. The traditional way of making kadala curry is by using black chickpeas, they have a more …