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Shrimp Stuffed Puttu- Prawns, Chemmeen Puttu- Kerala Recipe | Steamed Rice Cake

Kerala’s breakfast dish Puttu or steamed rice cakes stuffed with shrimp roast… Puttu or steamed rice funnel cakes are popular breakfast dish in Kerala. Over the years, Puttu got fancy makeovers by stuffing it with chicken, shrimp, beef, mussel, fish, etc. I’ve already tried making chicken stuffed puttu, mussel and squid stuffed puttu, tuna stuffed …

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Tuna Stuffed Mani Puttu or Noodles Puttu

Finally I made mani puttu, and I stuffed it with tuna roast… I’ve already blogged about Puttu, Kerala’s famous breakfast dish. Well, if you travel down south in Kerala to Malabar, you will come across mani puttu being served there. Mani puttu is often served in my dad’s family for breakfast or dinner, especially at …

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Steamed Oats With Dates And Coconut Made In Puttu Maker

I tricked my brain and made a healthy breakfast from scratch in the morning in less than 15 minutes… My hubby was surprised to see steaming hot breakfast made from scratch and beautifully served on the table. I’ve mentioned before that I always depend on cereal, whole grain bread, fruits, or instant oats for breakfast. …