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Beef Instant Pot Recipes Kerala Thas's Faves

Kerala Beef Roast Recipe Garnished With Roasted Coconut Slices | An Ultimate Culinary Delight

Kerala-style beef roast is a delectable South Indian dish known for its bold and aromatic flavors. It’s truly an emotion for most hard-core non-vegetarian Keralites. Stew-cut beef is marinated in a blend of spices and then pressure-cooked till the beef has turned fork tender. For better taste, can also be slow-cooked, it’s a time-consuming process …

Chicken Kerala

Kerala Thattukada Chicken Fry Recipe

A “Thattukada” is a traditional roadside eatery or food stall in the southern Indian state of Kerala. These charming and often unassuming establishments have a special place in Kerala’s culinary culture and are beloved for their delicious, affordable, and authentic local dishes. Thattukadas offer a diverse menu, ranging from breakfast items like dosa, appam, and …

Kerala Lunch Recipe Ideas Sea Bream Fish

Lunch Recipes | Kerala Lunch Recipe Ideas 14

Kerala lunch recipes… Kerala’s popular Matta rice, healthy & nutritious red rice Kale-beetroot leaves thoran or stir fry with coconut (replace swiss chard with kale/beet leaves) Moringa-Drumsticks theeyal- cooked with roasted ground coconut Kalan- wintermelon/plantains cooked with ground coconut & yogurt Whole Sea Bream Fish Fry   More Kerala Style Lunch Recipe Ideas, Click Here

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Moringa-Drumsticks Theeyal- Cooked With Ground Roasted Coconut | Kerala Recipe

Theeyal is a traditional Kerala dish. It’s a flavorful and aromatic thick curry made using roasted coconut and spices, resulting in a rich and deep flavor. Theeyal is typically prepared with vegetables like small or pearl onions, bitter gourd (pavakka), eggplant (brinjal), and drumsticks (moringa). For the non-vegetarian version, theeyal can also be made with …