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Indian Chicken Quesadilla- Instant Pot Chicken Stuffing

Indian style chicken quesadilla, chicken stuffing made in the Instant Pot… Quesadilla is a popular Mexican dish, it’s basically stuffed tortillas. In this recipe, I have pressure cooked the chicken in the Instant Pot. Used aromatic Indian spices to season the chicken and for making the chicken stuffing. Chicken stuffing is placed between the tortillas, …


Hakka Chili Chicken- Indo Hakka Style

Hakka chili Chicken- Indo-Hakka style… This is an Indian style of making Hakka chili chicken. Hakka cuisine is the cooking style of Hakka people mostly found in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia etc. In India, while making Hakka dishes the recipes are mostly tweaked and some Indian spices are added to it, very similar to …