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How to Poach egg in a Microwave- Microwaved Poached Eggs

microwaved poached eggs

1 minute microwaved poached egg…

If you love poached eggs, you will love this method. Making poached eggs in the traditional way can take a few minutes, sometimes it can also go wrong. So, this microwave method is no muss no fuss one. All you have to do is fill 3/4 of a mug with water, crack the egg directly into the water and microwave it for a minute. Voila, poached eggs is ready in no time.

My man love poached eggs, now I love making it as I can make it effortlessly.

I’d already blogged about how to make poached eggs in the traditional way over stove top, click here to read.

Here is the video for making 1 minute Microwaved Poached egg

Preparation Picture

Crack the egg into the water

microwaved-poached egg

After cooking in the microwave for a minute

1 minute microwaved poached egg


How to Poach egg in a Microwave- Microwaved Poached Eggs
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Breakfast
  • Egg- 1
  • Water- fill ¾ of a mug with water
  1. Fill ¾ th of a mug with water.
  2. Crack an egg directly into the water.
  3. Place the mug into the microwave and heat at full power for a minute.
  4. Take the mug out of the microwave, be careful the mug will be hot.
  5. Using a slotted spoon take the poached egg out of the water.
  6. Season with ground pepper and salt and serve.



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