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Lunch recipes that are healthy and easy to make…

With a full time job that I enjoy a lot, on week days I will be seen enjoying one pot meals that are cooked the previous night. To compensate that, on weekends I try to cook a few dishes that I crave for- mostly Kerala or Indian dishes. I’ll be posting all those lunch recipes on my blog. I hope it will be helpful for those who are planning to make a few dishes over the weekend.

The other day, I came across the mini thali plate at the Indian store and I couldn’t resist buying it. That stainless steel plate will be seen in most Indian houses, if you have a few dishes it’s easy to serve on that plate. Now, I serve my weekend lunch on this plate.

Here is a vegetarian lunch or meal plan, it’s delicious- Enjoy


Lemon Rice 

Cooking Video


Cauliflower Masala Stir fry

Cooking Video

Easy Tomato Curry- Kerala Tomato Curry

Cooking Video


You can also serve yogurt, pickle, pappad etc.

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