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Best Tasting Chicken Mandi | Instant Pot Recipe | Popular Arabian Chicken Rice Dish

Popular Yemeni-Arabian Dish, Chicken Mandi cooked in the Instant Pot… Mandi is one of the popular Arabian dishes enjoyed by everyone, it’s a perfect one-pot meal consisting of aromatic rice & soft meat cooked in a special spice mix. Traditionally Mandi is slow-cooked in an underground oven or tandoor for hours, which will make the …

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Super Easy Baklava Recipe | Phyllo Pastry Dessert | With Sugar Honey Syrup

Baklava, a popular Middle Eastern & Mediterranean pastry dessert… It’s basically layered phyllo dough smeared with butter, topped with chopped nuts & soaked in sugar syrup. With store-bought phyllo dough, making baklava is super easy. It’s a heavenly decadent flaky & crispy dessert. I made the baklava in an 8-inch square pan, this yielded 12 …