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American Basmati Rice Beef Main Dish Reviews Video Weekday Meal Ideas

Instant Precision Dutch Oven Slow Cooked Pot Roast & Rice Pilaf – Complete Meal Recipe

      Imagine a pot that’s not just a pot—it’s your secret weapon in the kitchen. The Instant Precision Dutch Oven is a fancy name for a super-smart cooking pot that does a lot more than your regular one, this is from the makers of Instant Pot. What Makes It Awesome? Control Freak in …

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Instant Pot 15 Minute Chicken Madras Recipe | With Aromatic Cumin Jeera Rice

  15-minute rich & delicious chicken Madras along with aromatic cumin or jeera rice… Chicken Madras is a popular South Indian curry-based dish. This dish is found on the menu of all Indian restaurants. It’s a rich, fragrant curry with bursting flavor, when paired with basmati rice tastes delicious & is a perfect meal. In …