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Health Benefits of Ramadan Fasting & Foods To Avoid For Iftar- While Breaking The Fast

Ramadan fasting is a religious practice that involves abstaining from food, drink and other physical needs from sunrise to sunset for a period of one month. In addition to its spiritual significance, Ramadan fasting has been found to offer several potential health benefits, including: Improved insulin sensitivity: Fasting during Ramadan can lead to improved insulin …

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4 Air Fried Chicken Snacks | Instant Pot Air Fryer Recipes | Guilt Free Snacks

Delicious & guilt-free chicken snacks that are air-fried… Who can resist snacks??? When we think about snacks all those greasy & deep-fried snacks come to our mind. If you are health conscious & still want to enjoy your favorite snacks without any guilt, you can absolutely enjoy them, all you have to do is air-fry …