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Malaysian Net Crepes Stuffed With Chicken Masala – Roti Jala or Jalar Appam

An Authentic Malaysian net crepes or Roti Jala (in Malaysia) or Jalar Appam(in India) made in a special mold; from my mom’s kitchen… Yet another recipe I had been wanting to post for the past few years. Roti Jala or Malaysian net crepes is made in a special mold or cup which looks like a …

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Stuffed Eggplant( Brinjal or Aubergine) or Bharwan Baingan

Even the hardcore non-vegetarians will plead for more of this vegetarian delicacy, it’s Yummalicious! This vegetable ooops I just found that eggplant is actually a fruit but treated as a vegetable. Yay, I learned something new today. This fruit is known in different names: Eggplant in Europe and the US, Brinjal in India, Aubergine or Melangene. It’s …

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Pan Fried Chickpea Spinach Cutlets | Healthy Sandwich

What would you like to have: sandwich, cutlets or both???… Need a break from the usual chicken or turkey or beef sandwich? Try this protein-rich and healthy vegetarian sandwich. It’s good to be a vegetarian at least once in a while. Yesterday, after a heavy Easter lunch, one thing I was damn sure about was …