The Ginger people Contest Winner And Their Gift



I had participated in the Halloween giveaway contest sponsored by ‘The Ginger People” hosted in Foodie Blogroll and had won their tasty gift basket of warming ginger treats. I had submitted my Homemade Herbal coffee recipe for this contest.

The amazing thing was, this was my first ever participation in a food contest and I was lucky enough to win the contest as well. This was such a thrilling moment for me. Their gifts were all awesome ginger products. Everything tasted real yummy. In the gift basket they had included:  Ginger Shortbread, Ginger Delight, Ginger candies, Chocolate Ginger and Crystallized ginger. If you ask me which was my favorite among these, it is definitely tough to pick one, but  with little more pressure,  I have to pick not one but two, Ginger Delight and Chocolate Ginger as my top favorites among these. Ginger Delight was very  soft, velvety jelly textured ginger bar, topped with glucose and it was moderately sweet. While,  Chocolate ginger had the sweetness from the chocolate and the mild spiciness from the ginger. Again, all their products tasted really incredible.

Visit their website to browse their products.

I am looking forward to participating many more contests in the near future. “Wish me luck guys”.


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