Ramadan recipes

Ramadan Recipes – Entrees for Ramadan or Iftar

Here is a collection of entrees that you can serve for Ramadan or for Iftar. Most of the recipes are curry based, you could serve these curries with roti, naan, pita bread, tortilla, chapati, orotti, pathiri, ottappam, appam, couscous, pasta etc.

In my family, we break the fast by having  fresh juice, dates and some snacks. After the Maghrib prayer (after sunset prayer), we have some kind of porridge or soup. I mostly feel full after having these, so I prefer to have dinner after the Taraweeh prayer. For dinner, usually rice based crepes like palaada, appam, Idiyappam, ottapam, orotti, pathiri or chapati will be served with chicken or fish curries.

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Chicken Entrees

1- Chicken Almond Korma or Chicken in a creamy Almond Gravy 

Can be served with PalaadaChapatiPathiriOrottiPoori, Ottappam


2- Chicken in Chick Peas Gravy

Can be served with PalaadaChapatiPathiriOrottiPoori

3- Spinach Chicken Curry

Can be served with PalaadaChapatiPathiriOrottiPoori


4- Chicken and Peas in Tomato Gravy

Can be served with PalaadaChapatiPathiriOrottiPoori

5- Chicken and Paneer Dopiaza

Can be served with PalaadaChapatiPathiriOrottiPoori


6- Balti Chicken in Tamarind Sauce

7- Mughlai Chicken- Chicken in Almond Saffron Gravy

8- Fennel-Ground pepper Chicken Korma

Can be served with Roti, Pasta or Couscous


9- Chicken Balls in Cauliflower Gravy

Can be served with Roti, Pasta, couscous.

10- Baked Ginger Chicken

11- Cashew Chicken Korma

12- Tomato Chicken

13- Butter Chicken

14- Balti Chicken Paneer and Peas Curry

15- Grilled Pepper Chicken

16- Tandoori Chicken

17- Grilled Chicken with cilantro Marinade

18- Baked Parmesan Chicken


19- Chicken Legs Curry

20- Chicken Chakkoli or Chicken and Rice Dumplings in Coconut Gravy


21- Easy Chicken Korma


22- Chicken Cafreal- Goan Dish


23- Chicken Haleem

24- Chicken and Potato in Yogurt Gravy

chicken-potato curry

25- Mughlai Chicken and Saffron Korma

Mughlai chicken and saffron korma

26-Chicken Cooked In Cashew Nut Poppy Seeds Gravy | Instant Pot Recipe

Indo-Chinese/Asian Chicken Dishes

1- Dragon chicken

2- Sesame Chicken- Indo Chinese Dish


3- Chicken and Veggie Gravy


4- Gobi Manchurian or Cauliflower in Tomato gravy


5- Chicken Manchurian


6- Pineapple Chicken


7- Thai Red Curry Chicken

8- Mango Chicken

9- Chili Chicken


10- Sesame Soy Chicken

sesame soy chicken

11- Indo-Thai Style Chicken and Potato Curry

Aromatic chicken curry-Thai Style-001

12-Chicken Tikka Masala | Popular Indian Dish | Restaurant Style Recipe

Beef and Goat/Lamb Entrees

1- Beef Curry- Kerala Style

2- Ground Beef Korma


3- Green Chili Beef Roast


4- Beef Panang Curry

5- Beef Rogan Josh


6- Beef Roast in Caramelized onion

7- Goat or Mutton Curry 


8-Restaurant Style Beef Vindaloo

Sea food Entrees

1- Shrimp Chakkoli or Shrimp and Rice Dumplings in coconut gravy

2- Shrimp and Scallops Malai- in Coconut Sauce

3- Green Curry Shrimp


4- Shrimp Tikka Masala


5- Basil Shrimp in Coconut Gravy


6- Shrimp Moilee- Shrimp in Coconut Gravy


7- Shrimp Roast- Kerala Style

8- Shrimp and Potato in Roasted Coconut Gravy

9- Fish in Coconut Milk or Fish Moilee


10- Fish in Roasted Coconut Gravy- Kerala fish curry



11- Fish in Creamy Coconut and Tomato Gravy


Vegetarian Entrees

1- Black Peas in Roasted Coconut Gravy

Can be served with AppamPalaadaChapatiPathiriOrottiPoori


2- Potato Stew or Korma

3- Rajma or Red Kidney Beans Curry

4- Chick peas Curry

5- Okra in Coconut Milk


6 – Chili Baby Corn- Indo Chinese

7- Mixed Vegetable Korma

8- Stuffed Eggplant or Bharvaan Baingan 


9- Microwaved Mattar Paneer or Peas and Paneer Masala

Egg Entrees

1- Kerala Style Egg Roast


2- Poached Egg Korma


3- Egg Omelette Korma curry

Egg Omelette Korma curry


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