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Kerala Sadya made in the Instant Pot…

Sadya is not the name of one dish, it’s a grant feast involving many vegetarian dishes served on a banana leaf. It is the popular vegetarian meal of Kerala served during festivals (Onam) and special occasions.

Sadya is served on Plantain or Banana leaf, which is called as the Organic plate. While eating Sadya people mostly sit on the floor with crossed legs and is eaten using the right hand and fingers, the natural spoon, which greatly enhances the taste of the sadya and helps to combine all the dishes.

The dishes found in Sadya are all vegetarian, some of the common dishes found in Sadya are:

Main dishes: Rice, Parippu (Lentil curry), Sambar (Mixed veggie curry), Rasam (Spicy, tangy Sauce)

Side dishes: Avial (Thick veggie side dish made with yogurt), kalan (plantain dish made with yogurt and coconut), Olan (Black-eyed beans curry in coconut sauce), Pachadi (made with beetroot/lady’s finger in yogurt sauce), Thoran (sauteed mixed veggie with grated coconut), Pulissery (Ripe mango , pineapple or pumpkin cooked in yogurt, a sweet dish)

Pickles: Inji puli (Ginger/Tamarind pickle), Achar (Pickles made with mango, lemon or gooseberry)

Snacks: Upperi (Fried Plantain dipped in jaggery), Plantain chips, Pappadam (crispy, crunchy Indian wafers, made from lentil, black gram etc), Banana.

Dessert: Payasam  (made with vermicelli, milk, sugar and other added flavors), mostly 3 types of payasam are served for sadya: Semiya payasam (vermicelli cooked in milk and sugar), Palada pradhaman  (thick dessert made with cooked rice pasta) , Kadala pradhaman (made with chana dal).

Oh yes, only if you make all these dishes it can be called as Sadya. With just 2 or 3 of these dishes it’s just everyday Kerala food served in almost all houses.

This Onam, I’ve made around 13 dishes in the Instant Pot.

Sharing all the Recipes, click on the link to view the recipe.

Happy Onam everyone!

Instant Pot Parippu Curry- Lentil Curry

Instant Pot Sambar- South Indian Lentil & Mixed veggies Curry

Instant Pot Beetroot Pulissery


Instant Pot Mango Pulissery- Mango in Coconut- Yogurt

Instant Pot Kalan Recipe- Kerala Kalan- 

Instant Pot Olan Recipe


Instant Pot Kerala Avial


Instant Pot Easy Rasam


Instant Pot Thoran- Mixed Veggie Stir fry with Coconut

Instant Pot Inji Curry- Puli Inji- Ginger Pickle

Instant pot Lady’s Finger-Okra Kichadi- Fried Okra in Yogurt

Instant Pot Semiya-Vemicelli Payasam- Kerala payasam

Instant Pot Kadala Parippu Pradhaman – Chana Dal Pradhaman



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