Regrowing Veggies

How to Regrow Green Onions in Water – Scallions Regrowing in water

Don’t discard the roots of used spring onion, just put them in water and they will regrow magically…isn’t it amazing???

It’s beyond amazing how many vegetables can regrow in water. For instance, green onions, garlic sprouts, lettuce head, carrot tops, lemon grass, celery head, bok choy, pineapple and many more can regrow when the roots or the crown are submerged in water.

I’m fascinated by this whole idea and so I tried regrowing spring onions in water as I use spring onions in my cooking regularly.

The picture shows how the leaves have grown tall after 6 days. Please change the water everyday. I kept it near to a window in my kitchen where there is enough sunlight. It was in deed magical to see them regrow so well in water.

No more discarding the roots of spring onions!


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