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Halloween Healthy Fingerfoods


Making healthy finger foods on Halloween is not that hard. Using very simple ingredients you could whip up fun foods. Here are a few fun finger foods.

Apple big mouth– Quarter the apples and make a wide wedge on each slice with a sharp knife or carving knife. Make few slits on the wedges and insert blanched almonds into them.

Banana Ghost– Cut banana into half horizontally. Spread white frosting onto the banana and insert a small skewer into the banana. For eyes, place whole black pepper and for nose, raisins.

Edible eye: Peeled, wide cut carrot, spread sour cream on top and place a black olive on it.

Witch: Use kiwi to make the face, for eyes: raisins, for nose- kiwi, for mouth-apple skin, for hair-shredded carrot, for hat: glue( use frosting) an ice cream cone on a cookie.

Tongue out face: 2 Ritz cracker, for eyes: raisins, for mouth: apple skin, for tongue: almond, for ears: kiwi skin.


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