Tomato Fest: Exploring the Tomato Varieties

Meet the incredible Tomato family…

If I hadn’t gone for this tomato fest at the Farmer’s market I wouldn’t have ever known that there are so many varieties of tomatoes. I was literally awestruck seeing all the stunning tomatoes together and I got super excited. I also got to taste some of the tomatoes and five gourmet dishes made by the top chefs. And of course I enjoyed clicking the pictures of all the tomatoes. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so enjoy these pictures…

Snow White Tomatoes:

Chadwick Cherry Tomatoes:

Green Zebra Tomatoes: Light green with darker green stripes, and a refreshingly tart taste with a hint of lime.

Hawaiian Pineapple Tomatoes: A large yellow tomato with a taste that hints of pineapple.

Limony Tomatoes:

Maltese Tomatoes:

Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes: A large beefsteak tomato developed by a man named “Radiator Charlie”, who cross-bed his best tomatoes for 6 years, until he got the result he wanted. They were so popular that he was able to pay off his mortgage.

Orange Russian Tomatoes:

Paul Robeson Tomatoes: Named after famed athlete, bass-baritone concert singer, and civil rights activist Paul Robeson.

Purple Russian Tomatoes:

Red Currant Tomatoes: Tiny, sweet fruit that looks for all the world like a currant.

Red Pear Tomatoes:

Sicilian Saucer Tomatoes:

Tigerella Tomatoes: Striped like the green zebra, but red.



Yellow Ping Pong Tomatoes:

Brown Berry Tomatoes:

Ground Cherry: These small sweet little bursts of fruitiness are in the same family as Tomatoes and Tomatillos yet when ripe belong in the dessert category. They can be eaten fresh or dried. Perfect for making fruit salad, jam, chutney and salsa.

Gourmet Tomato Dishes:

Tomato Salsa:

Tomato Bangers: Lamb stuffed Tomatoes

Tomato and Goat cheese salad with Balsamic reduction and Basil oil:

Tomato Cheesecake: I loved these cheesecakes with the hint of heirloom red currant tomatoes.

Parmesan Cone for Tomato and Basil Sorbet:

Tomato and Basil sorbet in Parmesan cone:


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